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Donor/Sponsor Acknowledgements

nestling with dragonflyThe BC Purple Martin Recovery Program has expanded significantly since 2003. The BC Purple Martin population has tripled to about 600 breeding pairs and we now band 1200 - 2000 young each year. We monitor 90 nest box locations around the Strait of Georgia and martins are nesting at 50 of them. Our volunteer participation has also increased and we now have 145 people helping with the recovery program.

The nest box recovery program has now grown too large to be self-sustaining without a structured co-ordination effort and this requires stable ongoing funding for a Project Co-ordinator (Senior Biologist) as well as program materials, supplies and travel.  Spotting scopes, leg bands, materials for building and maintaining nest boxes, vehicle gas, ferry fares and boat expenses are just some of the expenses we face each year. The Senior Biologist makes >200  site visits and travels over 11,000 km during the 5 month Purple Martin breeding season. Our annual vehicle gas budget alone is $3000.

There are several ways to make a charitable gift to help conserve western Purple Martins.

nestlings in handOnline: through a secure transaction hosted by CanadaHelps* using your credit card. A tax receipt will be provided automatically.

By mail: print this form and mail it with your cheque or money order to our office today. A tax receipt will be provided for donations of $25 or more.

Monthly donation: decide how much you wish to give and donate through a secure transaction online. The amount will be deducted automatically from your credit card on a monthly basis.

Dedicate a donation: make a donation in memory of, in honour of or on behalf of someone special to you through a secure transaction online at CanadaHelps or mail this form with your cheque or money order to our office today.  For donations received by mail, a tax receipt will be provided for donations of $25 or more.

Adopt-A-Martin: For a donation of $150, you can 'adopt' a pair of Purple Martins. You will receive a certificate with a picture and personalized information about your Purple Martins. A tax receipt can also be issued for martin adoptions for donors in Canada and the USA. Print this form and mail it with your cheque or money order to our office today.

* CanadaHelps charges a small transaction fee for using their secure online service. Over 95% of your donation comes directly to the Foundation.

Our mailing address is:

Western Purple Martin Foundation
5331 Hammond Bay Rd.
Nanaimo BC
V9T 5M9

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