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Recent Publications

Western Purple Martin genetic relationships - comparison of populations using mitochondrial DNA analysis

Baker, A. J., A. D. Greenslade, L. M. Darling and J. C. Finlay. 2008. High genetic diversity in the Blue-listed British Columbia population of the Purple Martin maintained by multiple sources of immigrants. Conservation Genetics, Vol. 9, Num. 3, June 2008.

Puget Sound Georgia Basin Research Conference, March 2007 - Knowledge for the Salish Sea: Toward Collaborative Transboundary Solutions

B. Cousens et al. 2007. A Simple Population Forecast Model for Purple Martins in British Columbia. (Oral presentation)

J.C. Lee et al. 2007. Update on Purple Martin Stewardship and Recovery in British Columbia, 2006. (Poster)

B. Cousens and F. Schrock. 2007. Searching for Barn Swallow Fall Premigratory Roosts with Doppler Weather Radar in western North America. (Poster) [Where abundant, Purple Martins also form similar large roosts in eastern N. America following the breeding season.]

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